Angela James

Quiet Night: A Collection of Lullabies


"Gentle and wistful, these songs linger in the drifting mind and are perfect for winding down as a family after a busy day. Highly recommended." - Midwest Book Review

Quiet Night: A Collection of Lullabies is Angela James' third full length release (out on 4/12/19). In the fog of postpartum depression, James began humming melodies while trying to get her daughter to sleep. These melodies guided James back to her creative practice as a songwriter after a difficult and exhausting period as a new parent. She took the melody fragments and composed lullabies evoking the limitless love and relentless labor of being a parent. James then invited other artists who are parents of young children to play and create art for the record. The result is a collection of serene and captivating lullabies made by weary parents for weary parents. Featuring James on guitar and vocals, Charles Rumback on vibraphone, Jason Stein on bass clarinet, and Katherine Young on bassoon.


Time Will Tell



 Way Down Deep